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Stephanie Miller's Portfolio

Menhera_ Mental Health and Art.pdf

In my art practice I create paintings, photographs, and drawings.There are several key elements that make my art uniquely mine. The…

Noah Kelly's Portfolio

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Statement: "Because it is there" is the famous quote delivered by the English mountain climber George Mallory when he was asked why he tried to climb…

Elizabeth Garcia's Portfolio

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Statement: The world is my reference book, and my imagination is my illimitable world of possibilities. I have been drawing and coloring since I was a…

Ashley Vasquez's Portfolio

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Statement: My artwork is my form of emotional relief. Artwork is one of the best forms of communication that I know. I am able to communicate how I…

Danny Sigala's Portfolio

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Getting closer, wanting to be close to you has been central to all that I do. Distance was the force that separated us. I just want to be…

Alex Santana's Portfolio

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Statement: My artwork takes a critical view of emotion, expression, and influences. Often referencing the social struggles of one’s mind, my work…

Destiny Rivera's Portfolio

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Transforming Through Art
I create with the intent to evoke nothing less than happy emotions. I follow my intuition and let my unconscious…

Dalia Marin's Portfolio

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Statement: I was born and raised in Fontana, California by my parents, who both come from Mexico. In my childhood quickly learned how the United…

Jacob Hernandez's Portfolio

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Statement: Within this Artist Statement, there are many factors that have influenced me the most within my Studio Art Studies at CSU San Bernardino…

Ariene Gonzalez's Portfolio

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Statement: Since the time I was a young child, I remember having these visions of masterpieces. They were so vivid that even to this day, I can…

Oriana Fry's Portfolio


Jordan Castellanos' Portfolio

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Statement: My art usually consists of various things that I like and support in my personal life. I look up to many artists on the Internet who are…

Eden Becker's Portfolio


Statement: My work primarily focuses on three major concepts; nature, color, and texture. I often explore natural themes such as landscapes, wildlife,…

Yvette Arguelles' Portfolio


Inspired by personal events that opened up my eyes to the cruel side of reality, my artwork tends to revolve around three main topics:…

Raquelle Andazola's Portfolio

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Statement: As a professional Massage Therapist and an artist, my work is often multi-sensory and abstract. Experimenting with a variety of materials…